Town of East Gwillimbury 


The Town of East Gwillimbury is located in the northern part of York Region, just 30 minutes north of Toronto, encompassing an area of 238 square kilometres (91.89 square miles). It is a balanced community with the assets of both an urban and rural area. East Gwillimbury boasts a variety of living environments including fully serviced urban areas, partially-serviced suburban areas, rural hamlets, estate residential subdivisions and rural agricultural land.

The Town consists of a number of growing urban areas and villages including Holland Landing, Queensville, Mount Albert, River Drive Park, and Sharon. These urban areas are separated from each other by farms, forests, countryside residences and recreational areas which all add to the overall character of the Town.

Early settlement of the area dates back to the late seventeen hundreds. Many attractive historic buildings are still in existence which enhance the atmosphere of East Gwillimbury. The Town has grown to a population of approximately 24,000. The focus of development within East Gwillimbury has continued to be within its five major urban centres. The rich history of the Town, its ideal geographic location and excellent balance of both urban and rural communities, makes East Gwillimbury an ideal location for business and a wonderful place to live.

East Gwillimbury offers visitors a wide variety of things to do.  It boasts a combination of historical buildings and sites, plus recreational areas, marinas and natural forests.  Throughout the year, there are many events that include fairs, parades, artist studio tours and equestrian shows.

Be sure to visit the Sharon Temple, a National Historic Site, for an interpretative tour. Another must-see historical destination is the community of Holland Landing, providing a glimpse of yesterday with its abandoned canal lock. Continuing north are a number of excellent marinas nestled along the shores of the Holland River, winding its way to Lake Simcoe.